What’s Up Wednesday?


What we’re eating this week // This week our menu looks like:

  • Monday: Burgers
  • Tuesday: Stuffed Peppers
  • Wednesday: Chicken & Baked Potatos
  • Thursday: Beans & Rice
  • Friday: Chicken & Potato Salad

What I’m reminiscing about // Those gorgeous Gulf sunsets we enjoyed at the beginning of the month!

What I’m loving // I am loving being home. There is something so comforting about being able to crawl in your own bed at the end of the day and playing in the backyard with your dog.

What we’ve been up to // Getting back into the grind; my job has been really picking up as we prepare to begin a new semester and I am also working on trying to organize my husband’s office for the new semester too.

What I’m dreading // I’m kind of dreading the return of the new semester… I love the quiet of summer around the University and the ability to leave earlier and have more flexibility with my time.

What I’m working on // I am working on a lot of projects at work to begin the new semester and helping faculty get their projects ready too. At home, I am working on a scarf for my husband.

What I’m watching/reading // We started watching Outlander over the weekend and are now partly through season two – trying to get caught up to begin watching season three when it premieres. I am currently reading Boys in the Boat to prepare for the upcoming Olympic games.

What I’m listening to // I am still loving podcasts! Two new ones that have been added are Generation grannY and Shameless Pours. Generation grannY is hosted by a friend of my best friend, Laura, and Shameless Pours is co-hosted by a friend and sorority sister from college.

What I’m wearing // This week I’ve been wearing a lot of maxi dresses; they’re just so comfortable!

What I’m doing this weekend // I think we may be going to a friend’s home on Saturday, I’ll be cleaning (though once school resumes I think I’ll start cleaning on Wednesday nights so I have my weekends free…) and grocery shopping, and I’m sure we’ll go on a couple family walks.

What I’m looking forward to next month // Watching the Olympics will be fun and I know August will fly by with all of the events leading up to school resuming and then the first week of classes for our students.



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