Friday Favorites


Happy Friday friends! Time just seems to be screaming by right now – can you believe it will be August on Monday?

The last two weeks have been fun for me; I majored in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Rhetoric during my undergraduate career. So, political speeches are really interesting to me.  Two of my favorite speeches from the Republican and Democratic Conventions both occurred on Monday, July 25. Senator Cory Booker and First Lady, Michelle Obama, were outstanding. Michelle was my absolute favorite though! If you have not listened to her yet, the video is below.

Here is Cory Booker’s speech too. I have always found his rhetorical style to be very dynamic and engaging. And if you haven’t watched the episode he was on of Finding Your Roots, I highly recommend it – both the show and the episode; it’s such an interesting show!

The song “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” has a lot of meaning for my husband’s family. It was the song that he and his mama danced to at our wedding, and granddaddy’s favorite song. His granddaddy was a band director and would always try to incorporate it into as many performances as he could. I told William if we have children one day that it should be the lullaby that he sings them every night. So, enjoy Paul Simon’s performance from Monday night of the DNC.

There were many other memorable speeches and videos put together throughout the DNC that I tweeted about, but didn’t want to make this post obnoxiously long.

On Sunday, July 24, we celebrated Mavis’ one-year adoption day! I can’t believe we have had this sweet girl for a year – it seems like its been both longer and shorter than that.

Enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon in that soft Kentucky bluegrass!

The day we got Mavis from the shelter, we took her to the dog park. She knew exactly whose lap to jump into when she was done playing – she is an absolute daddy’s girl!
I have been doing more genealogy research and found that my 4th great-grandfather on my paternal Grandmother’s side was from Albany, New York, members of the Dutch Reformed Church and that we had Dutch ancestry – a country I never would have thought we had ties to! I am loving learning where in the world my grandmothers and grandfather’s families came from and I love that I have both recent immigration and family that was in the colonies before we were a country. I love that genealogy combines my love of people and of story with my love of history and travel. I can’t wait to keep digging and see what else I can find!

What have you loved this week?


7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. I love her! Especially the advocacy she has had on the importance of school counselors and our nation’s children.

      What was the article? I’d love to read that!


  1. You know I loved Michelle’s speech! I missed Cory Booker’s though, I’m totally going to watch that on YouTube this weekend! I never thought I’d be so into watching political speeches, but I’ve been loving it. I’m pretty sad the DNC is over, to be honest! Ha!

    Those pictures of Mavis are too cute! Happy adopt-iversary. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Political speeches are so much fun to me since I spent most of college studying persuasive language through essays and speeches; there is so much richness in studying people and society through political rhetoric – though I prefer to be a couple generations removed most of the time!

      I love it all so much, I want to look at how the rhetoric surrounding mental health in our country has ebbed and flowed through history to present day and its impact on policy… Nerdy much? 😂

      Thank you! There is nothing quite like the love of a dog, but Mavis’ love seems extra big lately 💛


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