My Favorite Olympic Events

Good Morning! Have you been watching the Olympic games all weekend like we have?

Every four years I really enjoy watching swimming and the women’s gymnastics team like I have since childhood. Swimming is our family’s sport; my parents met on the local swim team when they were six and seven, my sister was very competitive and I just swam for fun. Gymnastics has always captivated my interest because it feels so far out of the realm of anything I could ever do – I hate when my stomach flips, so every event they do would be a nightmare for me, but it sure is fun to watch!

This Olympic games, there have been many events I’ve enjoyed watching that aren’t quite as popular with the American public. My favorites right now are men’s and women’s rugby, kyaking, 4 and 8 man crew, beach volleyball, weightlifting, fencing and archery. They have all been so captivating and fun to watch!

If we’re being honest though, my favorite non-athletic part of the Olympics is watching the families watching their athlete. It doesn’t matter how the families are related to the athlete, but watching them react is so much fun! I love seeing the full range of emotion they go through while supporting the person they love. It makes me happy to see such strong support networks for people who are far from home competing to be the best in the world at something they have worked for for so long.

What are your favorite parts of the Olympic games?


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