10 Years From Now

I am a dreamer. I love getting lost in my thoughts and imagining what the future holds as I drift off to sleep or am left alone with my thoughts on long drives.

10 years from now it will 2026 and I will be 37 years old. That age seems so mature to me still, but I know it won’t as it draws closer.

10 years from now I will have all of my student loans completely paid off from both undergrad and the graduate school I attended in Colorado.

I will also have completed my graduate education, hopefully with credentials as both an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) and School Counselor. I hope I will be working in a school I love with students I enjoy.

William and I will be celebrating our eleventh wedding anniversary, and will hopefully have adopted another shelter dog and had a couple kids.

I hope we will have gotten to travel – in the next 10 years I want to go to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Iceland and China. Maybe we’ll be able to visit more than that, but those are the countries most calling to me today.

In 10 years I hope I feel established in my career and I’m able to advocate for mental health care at the local and state levels. Our country is lacking so much about the realities of mental health care, the options available to people and the reforms that need to happen, that I want to use my voice and education to benefit people who need it not just one-on-one, but on a larger scale.

My dreams feel simple and achievable for the next 10 years, but they also contain so much life and so many experiences within them.

What are your dreams for the next 10 years?





One thought on “10 Years From Now

  1. I always try and sit down and do this and get overwhelmed and quit, lol. We definitely need more advocates for mental health care in this country. It’s appalling how bad it is. Same for low income kids with learning differences. Need more resources for them. I love that you want to become a counselor for the right reasons. Hugs.

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