Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday my sweet parents celebrated 29 years of marriage. It’s a relationship that survived my dad’s 27 year career in the United States Air Force and multiple moves across the country. They have raised three kids and impacted all of our friends over the years with their love, encouragement and support.

It’s a relationship that I have always admired because of the respect and love they so visibly have for each other. They still hold hands and go on dates, they dance in the kitchen and cuddle on the couch. They show the importance of valuing your partner through every day actions.

My parents met when they were 6 and 7 years old on their local swim team. They grew up a street and a half away from each other  with my dad being a year ahead of my mom in school. They didn’t date until they were both out of college, but my mom says she knew when she was 14 she would marry my dad. She decided this when she worked as the pool gate girl and my dad was a lifeguard. 

I love that they have had such a long and strong friendship as the basis of their relationship. I love that they have such a selfless love for the other.

I am grateful to have the example they have set for me as to what a strong, lifelong marriage looks like. The importance of quality time, physical touch and laughter. The importance of loving your partner well.

Here’s to the next 29 years Mama and Daddy – thank you for the love you share!


2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. I know! They’ve known each other almost their whole life! I don’t know of anyone outside family I’ve known that long!


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