Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends!

This week – and last – were crazy at work. Last week we had our graduate student orientation for students beginning our program all week and this week we had two days of faculty and staff meetings, along with Junior orientation and Senior welcome back. It’s been busy – gearing us all up for the start of classes on Monday!

My Ninja coffee system at work has been our best friend the last two weeks, keeping us caffeinated and happy; paring it with an Italian Roast coffee was the perfect choice for us all.


This week I’ve been reading two books; Big Magic and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Both are good, but not as captivating for me as Boys in the Boat was last week. I really like visiting with characters from Harry Potter that I loved and I enjoyed Elizabeth Gilbert’s take on creativity; I also started listening to her podcast, Magic Lessons, this week to compliment the book.

If you didn’t know, my parents grew up right outside of Pittsburgh, so I have a been a lifelong fan of all things Pittsburgh since birth; especially the Steelers, Penguins and Pirates. This week I have fallen in love with Steel City all over again and thought I would share my 5 favorite shirts of the moment.

I also adored Mister Roger’s Neighborhood as a kid and got to meet both Fred Rodgers and David Newell, who played Mr. McFeely, the delivery man on the show. There is an amusement [park in Pennsylvania called, Idlewild, that had a trolley ride that would take you to the Neighborhood of Make Believe but now takes you to Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. The whole world of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood was such a big part of my childhood, that I need the “I will be your neighbor” tee. The other tees are classics for any Pittsburgh fan I think – black & yellow with a retro, throw-back feel while still being fresh and modern. LOVE.

What have you loved this week?


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