Yesterday I shared five historical nonfiction books that I really enjoyed, and today I thought I would share three biographies that I enjoyed and would recommend if they interest you too!

John Adams by David McCullough


I have always been interested in John Adams; he was involved in so much surrounding the creation of our country! I love the relationship he had with his wife and always found the relationship he had with Thomas Jefferson so intriguing.

Mornings on Horseback by David McCullough


Not only is David McCullough one of my favorite historical authors, this book looks at the early life (age ten to about twenty-seven) of my favorite president. I have adored Theodore Roosevelt since we visited Teddy Roosevelt national park in North Dakota when I was in middle school. In North Dakota history we learnt much about the Lewis and Clark expedition, but we also learned a lot about Teddy Roosevelt; he’s a bit of a hero in that part of the world. I have always loved his passion for protecting our natural lands and find the challenges he faced and overcame so interesting. When we went to New York, William and I visited the National Park Service site of his birthplace on Valentine’s Day, which is also a tragic day for the life of this man.

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand


This book was really impactful for me. To follow Louis Zamperini from his troubled childhood to competing in the Berlin Olympic games to becoming a prisoner of war in the Pacific theater. He went through such incredible highs and lows in his life that this book honors well. Clearly I find the athletes of the 1936 games interesting in their own right since I mentioned my love of Boys in the Boat yesterday, and I also have an intense interest in World War II and the multi-faceted global layers that brought that tragedy to life. This book combines both in a really moving way.

What’s your favorite biography?

Is there a person you can’t learn enough about?


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