Cozy Fall Y’all!

We’ve had our house decorated for the autumn season since August 21. I figured that if school was starting for the year, our home would be ready for the new season too!

I love that we are able to reuse so many of our wedding decorations each autumn now; it makes my heart so happy to fill our home with these sentimental touches!

Our mantle has the banner my sister made for my bridal luncheon, the wreath our florist made to hang over our venue’s fireplace, the sweet Halloween bear William sent me when we were dating and the fun pillow that sat by our guest book on our wedding day!

The Idaho cutout and our guest book live on our fireplace year round, but they seem to fit in even better with all of our fall decor!

We used some of the garland pieces from the mantle at our wedding around our TV and I love the way it turned out! It feels so festive to me.

I have had these sweet cream pumpkins for years (they’re from Hobby Lobby) and I love the simplicity of them. I got the owl when I was with my Mother-in-Law shopping for hostess gifts for the couple’s shower her friends threw us in Alabama. We ended up not using it for the gifts, but I like how he looks with the pumpkins.

This was another decoration from our wedding, and the burlap got a bit squashed in storage, but I think it looks so pretty hanging on our laundry room door!

We found this sign at Hobby Lobby this summer and loved its simplicity. It hangs above the door to our backyard where we change out the sign for the seasons.

We created these cylindrical vases as the centerpieces for our reception tables and they were filled with leaves and pine cones. The burlap bows marked the reserved seating for the ceremony. I decided to combine them for our family room windows.

We made the vases with pieces we found at the dollar store and these three are the only ones still standing, so I have bags full of extra leaves and pine cones that I look forward to finding a project for next year.

We’ll use these same vases filled with just pine cones in the windows this winter when we switch to Christmas decor – they’re just a nice touch!

Have you decorated for autumn yet?



9 thoughts on “Cozy Fall Y’all!

  1. I love that you have already decorated for fall and you get to reuse things from your wedding. I bought quite a few fall decorations the other night and my husband thought I was crazy since it was in the 90s! But I am ready to decorate!

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  2. We get to use things from our wedding for fall decor too and I love it! (Yay for 10/10 weddings, right?!) At Ross with my mom yesterday I found these pumpkins made of twigs and they’re SO CUTE. I think I’m going to do all my decorating on Thursday since it’s the first. But I may start sneaking some stuff out early. Also, your house really does look cozy! I love the fireplace!

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    1. They’re the best – and maybe played into why we chose that date! Those pumpkins sound cute – you’ll have to share pictures! Thank you! Our fireplace is one of my favorite parts of our house!


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