Happy Birthday, Rae!

Today is my sister’s birthday!

I thought I would share ten fun things about my sister in celebration.


She is a registered dietitian and loves her job. When she was in high school and trying to select a college major, I had just taken a nutrition class in college to fulfill my non-lab science credit. She knew she wanted something medical, but didn’t want to do more than 4 years of school. I suggested she explore nutrition and she never looked back.

She knows what she wants and doesn’t settle, whether that is in her career, her love life or her friendships.

She is an amazing artist. She has such an eye for drawing, painting and design. I love the way her brain works and when she gets inspired the work she creates is stunning.

She is always up for an adventure. Rae loves to go with the flow and is quick to say yes to new experiences.

She has a strong faith and seeks out people who will walk with her as she seeks to learn more and dive deeper.

She is one of the most loyal people I know.

She loves going to concerts and is a big fan of enjoying experiences together.

She is so thoughtful. Last year she planned 12 days of incredible presents for her boyfriend for Christmas and she brought back a handmade apron as my bridal shower gift from when she visited Paraguay and Chile last year.

She loves to laugh and I love the way joy is evident across her whole face when she’s happy.

She is clear, direct and honest. You always know where you stand with her or if she’s upset and why.



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