Blogtember: Introduce Yourself

I figured an easy way to introduce myself for Blogtember would be to answer these 16 questions Sarah posted last month and answer the questions that the Southern Weddings girls have on their about pages; please also feel free to check out my About page if you want to know more!
Are you named after anyone? I had the same initials as my dad until I got married and changed my last name. My middle name is also my paternal grandmother’s name.
When was the last time you cried? Watching the Olympics; some athletes stories or sense of surprise in reaching the medal podium brought such heightened emotions as a viewer. Oh, and some of the Olympic commercials – P&G, McDonalds, Coca-Cola… their ad teams are great!
Do you have kids? No; maybe someday!
Will you ever bungee-jump? Oh, no. I hate the feeling when your stomach drops. Hate it. I don’t even like roller coasters!
What’s your favorite cereal? The only “cereal” I eat is oatmeal, preferably steal cut oats with a little bit of honey and coconut flakes. My favorite cold cereal has always been honey bunches of oats!
What’s the first thing you notice about people? Their smile and body language; I notice whether they are standing open or closed-off and if they seem approachable or not.
What is your eye color? Brown, but in 6th grade I had a friend describe them as the color of fizzy root-beer and I’ve always loved that description!
Scary movie or happy endings? Happy endings of course! I am such an optimist that the joy of a good ending will carry through for a couple days as I reflect back on the movie.
Favorite scents? I love undertones of magnolia, jasmine and patchouli in the scents I wear. For my home and office I love scents of honeysuckle in the spring and summer, lavender, eucalyptus, or cotton year round, and apple, spice, woods, musk, mahogany, bergamont, amber and sandalwood in the autumn and winter.
Summer or winter? I love both for different reasons, but winter is fun because it encourages coziness and time with loved ones and summer is fun because it feels like its calling you to adventures!
What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? Bari, Italy and the larger Puglia region.
Do you have any special talents? People always complement my penmanship and I used to play the oboe… do either of those count?
Where were you born?  Minot, North Dakota. My dad was stationed there with the Air Force and I came in the middle of blizzard!
What are your hobbies?  I love reading, baking, cooking, and have taken up knitting and calligraphy. I’d love to learn to crochet and do something artsy – maybe a photography or water color class someday?
Do you have any pets? Yes! Sweet Mavis Jane!
Favorite movie? Oh, this is tough! I have several that I love, but if I had to pick just one, it will always be Mary Poppins. I also really love Singing In the Rain, An Affair to Remember, Beauty and the Beast, and The Holiday. My favorite genre is inspirational sports films though.
Hometown: Air Force Base, USA (Minot, ND (twice!); Lakeridge, VA (twice!) ; Colorado Spring, CO (four times); Prattville, AL (twice!); Great Falls, MT; Missoula, MT; Pocatello, ID)
Birthday: February 23
What fires me up: Marriage, family walks, traveling, handwritten letters, intriguing books, and mashed potatoes
You would be surprised to know: That I broke my nose when I fell dancing at a Halloween fraternity party my senior year of college.
Claim to fame: My husband says I make really good French toast.
Favorite class I took in college: I can think of three that particularly stand out – there was a class on lobbying and special interest groups that was always interesting, a class on Nazi Germany and the Holocaust and a class on Foreign Relations of the Great Powers. Honorable mentions go to my Communication and Health course, course on International Security and my Rhetoric of Women’s Activism class.
How I met my husband: Doing a production of Godspell in high school; he played Judas and I worked the tech booth. We stayed acquaintances on social media and reconnected when he moved west.
My favorite memory from my wedding is: How sweet it was to have our friends and family celebrating with us, how happy William looked all day and how delicious our breakfast brunch was!
Best part of my job: The satisfaction of completing a detail-filled project and assisting faculty and students with what they need.
What I do in my spare time: I love to read, I’ve been knitting a scarf and I really enjoy baking.
The cause/organization/charity that most captures my heart: I am a big fan of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), Kappa Alpha Theta’s philanthropy, and I also believe in being an advocate for mental health.

Images from CASA’s National website.
True love is: Always wanting the best for someone else, seeking to honor and love them, and knowing that you have a partner for all of life’s adventures.

9 thoughts on “Blogtember: Introduce Yourself

    1. Hahaha. Best par of living in Idaho right now is all of the potatoes! Moving around so often gave me such a nomadic soul – every couple years I get an itch to see and experience somewhere new! I’m hoping that will settle sometime soon and translate into a solid home base somewhere allowing that spirit to translate to global travel.


  1. I love how you chose to introduce yourself! I am so interested in CASA and supporting foster kids in general. I hope one day my husband and I will foster kids. it is such a need! We have been thinking of starting small by taking classes to babysit/respite care for a few hours at a time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s such a wonderful calling Elena! Those kids need advocates for them to have the best life possible – what a blessing you & your husband will be either as foster parents or in helping families out through respite care so they can be refreshed and feel cared for too!


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