Current Goals


I love the intentionality of goal setting each month. September will be a busy month with a trip to Colorado, celebrating my husband’s birthday, celebrating the university we work at’s homecoming and leaving for Alabama towards the end of the month.

Knowing how busy this month will be, I am setting three simple goals for September.

ONE – Organize our office closet; it is a mess and needs to be sorted through.

TWO – NO diet coke or any other fizzy drinks.


THREE – Walk every day, whether on my own or as a family, I want to enjoy our beautiful weather and move every day.


What are your goals this month?


4 thoughts on “Current Goals

  1. I miss walking with my husband. it has been SO hot in Texas, but I am excited for cooler weather to (hopefully) come soon and for us to resume our after-dinner walks, even if it’s only in our neighborhood instead of a beautiful scenic place (which of course is preferred but not essential for a good walk). I need to do my own share of organizing this month!

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  2. I’m having the same problem as Elena. It’s been SO hot in Texas lately… but I definitely look forward to getting back to walking regularly. I’m going to be traveling for two straight weeks for work, so I think it’s going to be even more important that I keep moving.

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