Reading… I started reading The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris and Creqtivity, Inc by Ed Catmull – they’re both really interesting so far!

Watching… We watched a lot of college football yesterday! Its so fun having football back on our TV!

Trying… to learn a bit of German for our trip to Berlin in October.

Cooking… I made honey buffalo meatballs for our college football kickoff party yesterday and have made quiche recently too.


Eating… We’ve been making a lot of bacon lately – BLTs and quiche were big on what both of us were craving!

Drinking… I am on a big pear cider kick again; Crispn’ does a great one! 


Calling… My Grandma and Grammy; I try to call them both at least every other week or so to catch up on life, especially on what we’re reading!

Texting… My sister planning our time in Colorado next weekend; we’re trying to do a night where its just William and I with Rae and her boyfriend so the guys can get to know each other.

Pinning… I have been pinning some fun fall recipes to try and ideas of things to do in Berlin!


Tweeting… About college football and returning fall TV.

Going… To Colorado on Friday!

Loving… That college football returned yesterday! #RollTide #UpWithMontana

Hating… That the sun is setting earlier; I already miss how late it was staying out from July!

Thinking… About the trip to Berlin; can y’all tell I’m excited?

Feeling… Excited for the new season ahead; who doesn’t love autumn?

Listening (to)… I have really been enjoying this playlist I made on Google Play.

Celebrating… My husband’s birthday is coming up!


Smelling… The Sweater Weather candle we have burning.


Thanking… My husband for taking me to Colorado, Alabama & Berlin all this autumn. They will be three great trips!

What are YOU up to currently?


5 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Love that you are planning a sibling date!! I always want to do that with my husband’s brothers and their wives… but usually we just end up doing a big family thing so no one feels left out.

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