Most Memorable Birthday


I hate that I don’t have access to my parent’s photo albums for this prompt.

I have several memorable birthdays, so I thought I would share five of them with you.

In fourth grade I had a teddy bear tea, where my mom made the cake to resemble a teapot – its still my very favorite cake I’ve ever had. The amount of time and effort she put into it still blows me away. We had each girl dress up and bring her favorite doll or stuffed animal for tea and games. We played a bunch of games from American Girl and from a kid’s party book from the 1960s. For favors, my mom painted each girl’s name onto a tea cup and they were filled with a couple different tea flavors. I loved this sweet birthday party!

In fifth grade I was a brat and told my sister she could not come to my party. I still feel really terrible about it even though we have clearly made up since then! This birthday was a 1950s themed bowling party complete with many poodle skirts and high ponytails! The cake was made to look like a record and we all had a blast bowling.

My sixteenth birthday was when my parents bought me my oboe; I hope if William and I have kids one day, one of them will play the oboe so I can pass it down. I also want to take private lessons again soon. This birthday my family and a couple friends went to my favorite Italian restaurant in Colorado Springs followed by seeing the movie Hitch. It was an easy, laid-back birthday with such a kind gift from my parents!

My twenty-first birthday started with my parents flying into town the weekend before to surprise me! I was shocked when I opened the door of our sorority house to find them outside! They were with me when I ordered my first drink in a restaurant, even though it was a day or two before my actual birthday. I loved that they made the trip to see me! The night before my birthday when the clock hit midnight some of my sorority sisters took me out to the bars to get my first legal drinks; then I headed home to sleep a bit before my 9:00 exam in Communication Research Methods. After my exam I went out to breakfast and then went home to sleep a bit before we all went out that night. It was so fun celebrating with so many of my friends and having the fun last for what felt like a week between my parents visit, my birthday and the three sorority sisters I shared that birthday week with.

My twenty-third birthday was my “golden” birthday, so I flew back to Missoula to spend it with all of my friends from college. I had a gold sequin tank-top that I wore when we went out downtown and had such a fun night out with people who meant the world to me.

My twenty-sixth birthday was a week after I had gotten engaged to William in New York. I was still floating on an amazing high from the best trip of my life and saying yes to a future together, that when he sent me the beautiful gold watch I had been wanting I cried. It was such a thoughtful gift after such an amazing week. I also loved spending that birthday with my family as I knew it would be the last one I spent in Colorado and probably the last time I was with my family for my birthday (unless they surprise me and plan a visit around that time!)


4 thoughts on “Most Memorable Birthday

  1. Aww your 26th birthday was extra sweet since you were recently engaged! My 29th birthday was the same.. Greg and just proposed a month earlier and I visited him in Texas for my 29th. It was so sweet to be together after he had recently proposed.

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  2. I had a 50s birthday party too!! It was one of my favorites!! Too funny that you told your sister she couldn’t come though… I didn’t grow up with my siblings so I can’t ever imagine those dynamics. I’m sure she’s forgiven you though. 😉

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