What Brings Me Joy


I love the prompt today. Selecting just five things that bring me joy is a challenge though! I chose to narrow the list immediately to inanimate objects, as if I didn’t the list would include my husband, dog, and family members.

My Bible. When I accepted my first post-graduation job the first purchase I made was this adult Bible engraved with my name. I have attended many Bible studies with this Bible and have many notes and insights written amongst the scripture. I love that its a study Bible so it offers more insight into context of scripture.

My Brown Betty Tea Pot. William bought me this tea pot when we were first dating. I love how warm it keeps my tea and that it can go in the oven to stay warm. I mostly love that every time I fix a pot it takes me back to that weekend date in Fort Collins.

Nail Polish. I love having my nails painted. It makes me feel so polished, even when I’m wearing a baggy tshirt and norts. Now that it’s autumn, I am loving deeper colors on my nails.

Our Moose. How cute is this guy? We found him at Costco last winter and have decorated with him year round. He wears sunglasses in the summer and just looks so cute by our fireplace!


Our Guest Book. I love this visual reminder of the love and support of the people who came to celebrate our wedding with us. I love that we chose something a bit “untraditional,” but that looks so wonderful in our home.


What brings you joy?


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