If I Could Go Anywhere…


At the end of October, William and I are headed to Berlin for a work conference for him. So, for today’s prompt, I thought I would share some of the fun pins for Berlin that I have found!


William and I are considering trying to catch a performance of the Berlin philharmonic while we’re there; they have an incredible reputation as being on of the best philharmonics in the world.


From this list, I thought I would share the items that stood out the most to me.

  • Brandenburg Gate.
  • Walk along the East Side Gallery.
  • Spend timeΒ on Museum Island.
  • Eat a Currywurst.
  • Stroll in the Grunewald forest.
  • Pay your respects at the Holocaust Memorial.
  • Relax at Tiergarten.
  • Reichstag parliament building.
  • Explore old town Berlin.



So, I am consumed with dreams of Berlin at the moment.

Have you ever been? If so, what do you recommend doing, eating or experiencing?


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