A Day In My Life


I chose to do my Day in the Life post on Wednesday, September 7.

My day started after I hit snooze twice and finally woke up at 6:08. I was dragging this morning!


It takes me about an hour to shower, brush my teeth, do my makeup, etc. before I head to the kitchen to start our coffee, make my husband’s smoothie, feed the dog, pack our lunches, and get the laundry ready to start when I get home. After this is all ready to go, I dry my hair, put on my jewelry, do my lipstick and get ready to leave.



On the way to work I listened to the latest podcast episode of Pints with Aquinas.



The morning at work began with working my way through my inbox and creating my to-do list for the day. I also had a phone call with my director, who lives on the east coast.

At 9:00 we had a staff meeting where people shared a lot of frustrations, but didn’t accomplish much…

After the staff meeting, it was back to work until 11:45 when I left to go serve grilled cheese at the Catholic Student Center on campus. Wednesdays are the only day of the week I take a lunch break and I use that time to serve our students.


After grilled cheese, it was back to work and getting through my long to-do list. This week is a three-day week for me since Monday was a holiday and I am out of office on Friday.

When work was over for the day, I went to pick up Mavis from day care. She only goes on Wednesdays when William and I both have long work days; otherwise she spends a couple hours in her crate or home with William when he is able to work from home.


Once home, I started the load of laundry I had prepped this morning, painted my nails and did some light cleaning. While driving home and cleaning I listened to the latest episode of the Popcast – Knox and Jamie make me laugh!


William teaches a class on Wednesday nights, so while he was gone I also played in the backyard with Mavis and watched You’ve Got Mail while painting my nails. Is there any more perfect movie to watch each September?


Once William came home around 8:30, we ate leftover spinach broccoli quiche while watching this week’s episode of MasterChef. After dinner and our show, we headed straight to bed.


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