My Own Freaky Friday


Whenever someone talks about switching lives for a day two thoughts come to mind – Freaky Friday and the Prince and the Pauper.

If I were to have my own Freaky Friday day, I would want to switch lives with a couple different people. So I’ll share five people I think it would be fun to experience their life for a day.

1. My dog, Mavis Jane. She seems to have such a happy life & I’d love to experience her world for a day.

2. Duchess Catherine. I have always been an admirer of Kate and I think walking in her shoes for a day of charity engagements would be such an interesting way to spend the day.
3. My husband, William. I think switching lives for a day would give me a deeper appreciation for and understanding of how he thinks and what being a professor is really like.

4. Antonio Brown or Hines Ward. They’re two of my favorite football players, one current and one retired. They both always have looked like they are having the time of their life playing football though & I’d love to experience that seeming pure joy for a day. 
5. Either of my grandmothers. They have both experienced so much in life and I’d love to see ways that I could be a better granddaughter to them by really knowing what their daily life is like.
Who would you be interested in switching lives with for a day?


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