Happy Birthday William!

Today we celebrate the entrance to the world of my husband! 

A man who is always making me laugh and who has such a passion for life and seeing the world that it’s contagious! 

He is a man of strong principles and has a giant heart when it comes to those he loves – especially dogs!

William is intelligent and driven, is an amazing cook and a supportive, loyal friend.

It’s so challenging to capture the essence of a person in a series of superlatives like this post, but I wish you all could know this man that holds my heart.

I had a crush on William when I was a freshman in high school and we were doing a production of Godspell. He was playing Judas and I was working the tech booth & every time he was back there it sent butterflies through me. Of course, he had no idea because he was a senior and I was a timid freshman, but through the advent of social media a couple years later, we reconnected and stayed in touch for a decade. 

When William accepted a job west of the Mississippi in 2014, we began communicating more often through social, which led to exchanging numbers, phone calls and texts as I have him lists of things to do in this part of the world. We really began to get to know one another in earnest in May and we’re texting and talking all the time, which led to him visiting me over Labor Day and the rest is history. 

From that Labor Day visit, we began to spend as much time as we could together trading off weekends in Idaho and Colorado. In February, William took me to New York City and surprised me with a proposal and in March I moved to Idaho.

Choosing William remains the best decision of my life. I love the life we’re building together and love loving him. 

So, with that, happy birthday to my best friend and partner! May we have the privilege to celebrate many, many more together. I love you!


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