Favorite Blog Posts


Selecting my favorite blog posts to share with you was both easy and a challenge. Easy because some blog posts immediately came to mind to share and a challenge because narrowing down all of my other posts to select just a few was more was difficult!

The first blog post that jumps out at me to include in my favorites is about the February 2015 weekend that William took me to New York City and asked me to be his wife. Reading that post brings back a flood of memories from how insanely cold it was all weekend, to the sheer joy and surprise of him getting down on one knee in Central Park to the fun of exploring a city we both now love and celebrating all weekend.

I also love the post I wrote about growing up military. There is something so special to growing up that way that tightened our family bond when we would only know each other and the unique experiences we had in each place we lived.

The post I wrote about our wedding day is extra special to me as that day flew by so fast and in such a blur! It was nice to capture the overall events of the day to look back on.

I write a post about my favorite kind of days and I love the essence it captures of what I feel are the best normal days of the year. The days that are so ordinary, but bring such an innate and easy joy just by existing.


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