Three Fictional Characters 

When I woke up this morning, I saw that my Twitter feed was filled with people sharing who they were in three fictional characters. I loved this! Its so interesting to see what qualities people pull out of characters and learning how they relate to these characters. Of course I had to participate and this was a topic of conversation this morning between my husband and I.

The three characters I came to for myself were Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter series and April Kepner from Grey’s Anatomy. I chose Belle because of her love of books and the adventures they can take you on, in addition to her empathetic nature and the feeling of being just a little outside of the mainstream. I chose Molly Weasley because of her fierce love and loyalty for her family and her nature of adopting dear friends into the family; she is one of the greatest examples of the maternal rock I have ever encountered. I chose Dr. Kepner because of her strong faith even when she missteps, her giant heart and her drive to daily do the best job she can in all she takes on. These are three characters I love and relate to and hope I emulate the qualities I mentioned above.


For William, we each had two and then we also had an overlap, so we settled on four. I chose Remy because of his passion for cooking and his ability to play with different spices and flavors  instead of following recipes, his love of experimentation and how he follows his passions. I chose Jay from Modern Family because while he tries to present a tough exterior, the love he has for his family and the passion he has for the work he did reminds me so much of my husband. William chose Professor Lupin from Harry Potter because of his humility and the passion he has for helping others, the passion he has for teaching and his students is something he relates to; this is where William sees his own empathy in his character. William and I both chose Winston from Overwatch. He loves that Winston puts science first and compassion second, but at the same time Winston has a desire to see what could be instead of just accepting what is.


When I asked William who I was, he came up with five pretty immediately, because he sees a blend of two, and a third who fits that type too. One of our favorite shows is Life in Pieces, and William said that I’m a hybrid of Heather and Jen. Heather is the oldest daughter, a mom of three and is always doing what she thinks is best not just for her family, but for her extended family too; she is another one of the rock of the family characters like Molly Weasley. Jen is a different side of that family rock – she’s witty and really observant of what is going on with her different family members. On the same maternal rock theme, he mentioned Claire from Modern Family. He had a tough time deciding between Belle and Snow White because they both exhibit strong empathy and kindness, but decided that if he had to choose it would be Belle because she also loves books.


What fictional characters do you relate to? Why?


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