Seasonal Wishlist

I thought it would be fun to share my fall wishlist today. Do I need anything right now? Absolutely not. But, I think its fun to have your eye on a couple things each season.

First is an Alabama flannel. I love flannels and wear them as often as I can in the fall and winter – especially on Saturdays! Of course, Saturdays are also when we watch Alabama play, so a flannel would be perfect!

I love converse. They’re so comfortable and I can ear them with most everything. I have a dark grey pair and a turquoise pair, but would love white ones!

I have been eyeing this Kendra Scott necklace for a while – it’s simple and easy to wear every day.

This Kate Spade bangle says heart of gold, which I love. While I don’t wear many bracelets, I love the simplicity and message of this one.

I have a giant love of Polish pottery. We also don’t have a pitcher. So, why not get a Polish pottery pitcher that is both beautiful and functional?



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