Rocky Mountain High

A couple weeks ago, William and I road tripped to Colorado to see my family for a weekend. We were able to squeeze a lot into about 48 hours!

Friday night when we got to town my parents had dinner ready and we pretty immediately sat down to eat and relax and catch-up with each other waiting for my sister to arrive after work. Later, we enjoyed drinks and time just talking with my sister and her boyfriend before we all acknowledged how tired we each were and headed to bed.

Saturday we woke up and ran a few errands before we drove up to Boulder for the day. We had a cookout at my brother’s house and enjoyed time hanging out together before heading to the football game, where I was turned away for bringing my small purse and had to find a locker to rent for the game. No one had advertised or told us that it was clear bags only, so that was a big frustration point for me, especially once we finally got into the game and saw many women with bags much larger than mine walking around that were also not clear. The game was a stomping by CU and I am bummed we missed the running of Ralphie, but I’m glad we were all able to go together.

Sunday we went on a leisurely hike with my parents at Red Rock Canyon Open Space before grabbing coffee and walking around Old Colorado City for a bit. Then we headed home to relax before enjoying dinner al fresco. Sunday night we enjoyed my parents hot tub & the great view of the stars they have.

Monday morning we hit the road back to Idaho early, but what a wonderful weekend it was surrounded with love, laughter and the comforts of being with the people who know you best!



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