Reverse Bucket List

Its always fun to dream of things I want to do someday, but I also know that I have experienced some incredible adventures already. Today I thought I would share 10 things that I have been fortunate enough to already experience.

Go to Hawaii. My family went to Hawaii for my senior trip in high school. We went in December and left Montana in a snowstorm and returned home in a snowstorm! We spent a week on Oahu and experiencing what the Island has to offer. We visited Pearl Harbor, went shopping at the outdoor market in Honolulu that no longer exists, we visited the Polynesian cultural center, spent lazy days on what felt like a private beach, chased rainbows and had an amazing week as a family.

See a show on Broadway. I adored theater growing up, especially musical theater. Doing theater is actually how I met my husband! For Valentine’s Day 2015, we got tickets to see Cabaret on Broadway with Alan Cumming and Emma Stone. It was a great way to fulfill a lifelong dream to see a show!

Visit Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Glacier National Parks. I am grouping these three stunning national parks together due partly to geography and because they are the three parks where I have spent the most time.


Go white water rafting. I have been lucky enough to do this three times: once in Buena Vista, Colorado, once near Yellowstone and once near Glacier. This is such a fun way to spend a day and makes you appreciate the incredible power of water.

Visit Italy. Summer of 2015 I was able to accompany William to the Puglia region of Italy for a conference he was attending in Bari. The food was incredible, the architecture was breath-taking and it was a chance to visit a country I may never have the opportunity to see again.



Visit New York City. New York was a place I dreamt about as a girl but never knew when I would be able to go. William took me as a birthday gift in February 2015, where we also celebrated our engagement (he proposed in Central Park!) and Valentine’s Day by seeing my first show on Broadway. It was an incredible trip and something I will always remember, and a place I now can’t wait to explore more of – hopefully when its not quite so cold!


Work on Capitol Hill. I had the privilege of spending a summer getting paid to work on Capitol Hill and attend briefings and hearings about the fate of our country while drafting memos, speeches and e-newsletters on behalf of a member of Congress. It fueled my love of writing, my love of history and my love of politics.


Experience GameDay in Bryant-Denny. As y’all read about on Sunday, going to a game at Bryant-Denny stadium is something I had longed to experience for close to twenty years. Finally having that opportunity thanks to my husband and his family was incredible! Roll Tide!

Go deep sea fishing. This past summer when I went to the beach with all of my wonderful in-laws, my father-in-law arranged for us to go deep sea fishing. It is something I have wanted to do for such a long time, but did not know if I’d ever get the opportunity. Not only did we go, but I also actually caught a lot of fish too; some we had to throw back because they were too small, but some we actually kept! This day was one of my favorites from summer 2016.

Adopt a shelter dog. Oh, our sweet and crazy Mavis Jane. I always knew that when I was able to have a dog of my own that they would most likely come from the shelter, and after having adopted one, I know our next dogs will come from there too. There is nothing like having a dog, but knowing that some of her quirks are potentially because of unimaginable trauma she suffered early in her life simultaneously breaks my heart and makes it swell with love for the love and trust she gives freely.


Get married. I still can’t believe some days that I am a wife to the most incredible man and that we are building a life together!


Own a home. William and I were able to purchase a home that we love and have created such special memories in.


What experiences have you already crossed off your bucket list?


2 thoughts on “Reverse Bucket List

  1. I ADORE this post!!! What exciting adventures you’ve been able to have… and what beautiful words of thanks for such great opportunities. Can’t wait to see what else life holds for you and William!!

    Liked by 1 person

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