Wish List

With the changing of the seasons, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share a few items on my wish list today.

I have loved this quilted riding jacket by LLBean for years! William actually bought it for me over the weekend; we’re hoping it’ll fit well & be perfect to bring with to Germany.
I have been using a Starbucks tumbler for years, but I’ve had another one break & I’m ready to move on. I love this passport stamped Tervis Tumbler and would get the navy lid to go with.
I have been looking at traditional backpacks for awhile now, given how much we travel and my intent to return to graduate school next fall. I love the simplicity of this black bag from the Calia line at Dick’s Sporting Goods and love that it fully closes so nothing will fall out.
Another jacket from LLBean I’ve loved for a long time – their field jacket! I like the navy color and the lighter weight for autumn and spring, or a chilly summer’s night.

6 thoughts on “Wish List

    1. They have great things year round; my winter coat for living in the Mountain West is from them, and their flannel sheets in the winter can’t be beat!


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