Please Vote

Friends, tomorrow is Election Day. 

It is a day of great importance for our country and the policies that will govern in the years to come. I urge you to use your voice and vote, and on top of that, help your friends, family and neighbors use their voice if they need a ride to the polls.

Democracy is such a cool form of government, in that while it may not feel like your individual voice matters… it really does. Especially in a year when elections are so tumultuous and the rhetoric has been so negative, I urge you to use your Constitutional right tomorrow.

Not only are you voting for the President of the United States this election, but there will be many other levels and issues to use your voice with too.

  • U.S. Senators
  • U.S. Representatives
  • Governors
  • State Senators
  • State Representatives
  • Local representatives such as your County Commissioner or Mayor
  • Ballot Initiatives that could impact taxes or state laws

Voting allows us to come together to impact and influence the ideals we want to see implemented in our country. Whether the election goes the way you vote or not, you are still doing your part as a citizen to shape the country you want to see. 

If you don’t use your voice and your vote you’re allowing that opportunity to be taken away from you. I would hate to see that wasted opportunity, and I would hate even more for there to be a day where because people choose to not use their voice now, some generation in the future may not have the same opportunities we have today.

I don’t care how you vote tomorrow, I just care that you do. I care that you choose to not be silent and that you choose to exercise your rights in sharing your voice with your city, state, nation, and ultimately the world. Set an example for the generations to come that we do not take our right to vote for granted.


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