10 Ways My Dog Brings Me Joy

Is this not a sweet face of pure joy?

1. The way she gives me hugs when she sees me when I get home at the end of the day. Girl gives great hugs.

2. The way she nestles her head into my lap when we’re snuggling on the couch.

3. Watching her jump in the air to catch a ball – she is so agile & graceful!

4. Watching her exuberant joy in running laps in the backyard.

5. The way she tries to sleep like a human at night when she rests her head beside mine on my pillow.

6. The way she looks at us with such love & trust that we are her pack and have her back.

7. The way she sits at any door before going through it – we’ve taught her well!

8. The way she is so good with kids; watching her try to tone her energy levels down based on the age & child’s emotions about dogs is incredible. Also, watching her play fetch with our friend’s son melts my heart every time.

9. The way she sits patiently beside the foot of the bed before being invited up for nightly snuggles, then immediately insists on climbing under the covers to burrow.

10. The way she cradles her most favorite toys while she sleeps. I also love when she suckles on her toys – that is until she sucks a hole, then it’s not so fun!

What do you love about your dog? Do they share any sweet behaviors with ours?


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