Favorites in 2016

Favorite pizza

MacKenzie River Pizza’s Gluten-free in any variety of toppings – they’re all delicious!

Favorite place to buy clothes

Local boutiques, L.L. Bean & LOFT.

Favorite home decor store

Pottery Barn for inspiration, Hobby Lobby, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Kirklands.

Favorite Starbucks drink

This is seasonally dependent, but if I just want something simple my go-to is a grande skinny dirty chai.

Favorite technology gadget

 My phone or the jam box.

Favorite football team

Alabama and Montana at the college level and Pittsburgh in the NFL.

Favorite breakfast food

French toast or pancakes if I fix it at home. Hash browns & scrambled eggs if I’m at our favorite local diner.

Favorite seafood

I could eat nothing but seafood & will try it all at least once. It’s my favorite.

Favorite city

In the U.S., New York City or Washington D.C. and internationally, Berlin was incredible!

Favorite dog breed

West Highland White Terriers will always be special to me, I find English Springer Spaniels beautiful, but my favorite is my beautiful Shepard mix shelter baby.

Favorite dessert

Creme brûlée.

Favorite music genre

Folksy indie or lounge music like Michael Buble & the Rat Pack.

Favorite soda

Birch beer.

Favorite queso


Favorite holiday


Favorite nail color

 I’m loving nudes and light pinks this year.

Favorite mascara

 Maybelline Falsies or Benefit’s RollerLash.

Favorite foundation

 I love the Rimmel 25 hour.

Favorite hair product

 Redken hair spray has awesome hold & smells wonderful!

Favorite outside temperature

45-60 & sunny

Favorite perfume

Dior’s Miss Dior & VIKTOR & ROLF’s Flowerbomb. I also love the new formula of Chanel No. 5!

Favorite handbag designer

 Kate Spade.

Favorite retail store


Favorite wine

Mencia or Malbec.

Favorite Thai dish

Tofu Pad Thai.

Favorite National Park

The Grand Tetons or Glacier.

Favorite book(s)

The Harry Potter series (I’m rereading & falling in love all over!), To Kill a Mockingbird & I love the syntax and writing style of A River Runs Through It.

Favorite film(s)

Mary Poppins, Beauty & the Beast and White Christmas.


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