Faith is Joy


I am a cradle Catholic who has worked for the largest evangelical nonprofit in the world, and had to explain my faith to my coworkers often. It was so refreshing when Pope Francis was elected the current Pope and the simplicity and true pastoral care he returned to the role. His ease of access, gentleness and love for the marginalized, made him much more approachable for my friends outside of the Catholic faith to understand and connect with.

This is what makes The Joy of the Gospel so refreshing! As a Catholic adult involved in youth ministry, hearing the importance Pope Francis places on gospel proclamation, that the church and all the faithful are given the missional responsibility of making disciples is such a important lesson to be teaching the next generation through our service projects and weekly meetings.  Francis offers a challenge toward holistic, generous and joyful proclamation to every Christian, Catholic or not; he is one of the truest examples of living a life that exemplifies the teachings of Christ.

This is a book about the joy: joy in Christ through the church. Francis calls us back to the idea that the gospel is joyful. How nice to hear a robust ode to Catholic Joy! Well done Papa Francisco!



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