Thanksgiving Tag

I have seen this post floating around on many blogs this week and I thought today was the perfect time to do it myself.

Favorite part of the Thanksgiving Day meal // I love all of the side dishes. Turkey is good, but can be dry or lacking in flavor sometimes. The sides though? LOVE them! Sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, green beans, brussels sprouts, corn pudding, mashed potatoes. I love them all!

Favorite side(s) // Growing up I loved the cranberry sauce in a can, corn pudding, sweet potato casserole, my mom’s homemade rolls and mashed potatoes. As an adult, I love homemade cranberry sauce, corn pudding and sweet potato casserole best.

Have you hosted before // We’re hosting Friendsgiving for the first time this year since we aren’t able to travel to Colorado or Alabama to be with family.

Favorite decor for Thanksgiving // I have actually started decorating for Christmas already! Lots of snowflakes, snowmen, plaid, pinecones and cozy details.

Tree up before or after Thanksgiving // After! We have our dog and three kids three and under coming over for the holiday and decided waiting on the tree would be best. We’re also waiting on our nativity so we can use that area for Thanksgiving side dishes.

Smooth or chunky cranberry sauce // Both! The homemade sauce I make is chunky (cranberries, pears and orange zest) and we also get the cranberry sauce in a can.

Pumpkin Pie or another // My preference is pecan pie, but pumpkin is also pretty tasty.

Biggest thing you are thankful for // I am most thankful for my family and the people I hold dear. I’m also thankful for close friends, a cozy home, good food to eat, a job I enjoy and the hope of each tomorrow.


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