Husband Inspired Gift Guide

I love holiday gift guides. They give such an interesting peak into the people we hold most dear and who inspire us to give.

Today I thought I would share a gift guide inspired by my husband. A man who loves to cook and play in the kitchen, who loves to travel, read, explore and is a bit of a big kid when it comes to video games and movies or shows he loves. He is truly the best, and I thought it would be fun to compile a list of things I know he loves or would love to receive.


The first gift set is inspired by William’s love of travel, exploration and adventure. The first map comes with pins and would be fun to have in a home office to showcase where we have been together and add to as we get older. The middle image goes with the subway maps William keeps in his office; he already has New York City, London and Paris, and wants to add Berlin after our recent trip there. The last image allows you to mark off all the National Parks you’ve visited which is a bucket list item we have – to visit as many National Parks as we can. All of these would be fun art pieces that all have fun memories associated with them.

The next set is more functional. Last Christmas we exchanged slippers from L.L.Bean that are so incredibly cozy and wear so well, that we’ve decided to make this an every other year gift. William got the below jacket and briefcase from L.L. Bean before our trip to Germany and loves and uses both pieces every day. The boots are from Blundstone and last Christmas he received a brown pair, so this year he decided the black would be perfect for Christmas. He wears his brown pair every day and loves them, so I know he will wear the black pair often, too.


The next set is inspired by William’s love of reading, Sherlock, and bourbon. William enjoys black tea and I thought this Sherlock Holmes inspired Smoked English Breakfast Tea sounded like a fun one to try. These coasters are about Prohibition and would be fun in a home office or man cave. These Homesick candles smell like different states, and the New York one sounds right up our ally. I know I featured this glass the other day too, but it truly is perfect for William!

This next grouping plays on William’s goofy, childlike side with fun figurines for his office and items inspired by his favorite video game, Overwatch. The FunKo figurines I chose for this set are The Flash, Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy and Flash from Zootopia. William’s two favorite comic book heroes are The Flash and Dare Devil, he loves Guardians of the Galaxy and Zootopia was one of his favorite movies from the last year, although a ratatouille figurine would capture his favorite animated character best.

In Overwatch, William & I both love Winston so I thought a plush for his office to go with the Bowser he bought in NYC the weekend we got engaged. I thought the mug would be perfect for his office tea and the T-shirt would be fun to wear while lounging around the house.

William is crazy about dogs, especially our sweet Mavis Jane. He would love a custom art piece of her framed in his office or a custom ornament of her on our tree. This mat is too cute and would be fun by our back door.

The Buffalo Bills are William’s favorite NFL team and these were my favorite finds in their team store. A bauble beanie, slouchy beanie and training camp ball cap are all great choices for William. As are a throwback logo hoodie, a classic polo, a Christmas sweater and a nice 3/4 zip sweater.


What types of gifts would your husband or significant other enjoy? I love finding new places to look for ideas for William!



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