Friday Favorites


Happy first Friday in December. This year has flown by – I can’t believe its December already.

William ordered birch beer as a Thanksgiving present and I love it. This was my favorite soft drink as a kid, but its difficult to find out of Pennsylvania, let alone the mid-Atlantic. He ordered me two different brands and it has just been the best treat to open the fridge to enjoy either a bottle or can. Birch beer is similar to root beer and its caffeine free.

I am re-reading the Harry Potter book series and they are just as magical this time around! So many small details cause me to laugh that I had forgotten about. JK Rowling’s writing is still my favorite.


We’ve been watching Gilmore Girls to catch William up before we watch the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life release from Netflix. I still love Stars Hollow and the show’s characters. We’re in the early episodes of season 4, so all of Rory’s college adventures are still to come on our binge.


Its been snowy and cold this week, which is the perfect welcome to December and the lead-up to Christmas! Its been the perfect light dusting that leaves you feeling festive, but not overwhelmed.

We thought I had a flat tire this week, but after William pumped it up and we took my car to the shop, it turns out I had a bead leak. I’m thankful that the issue was fixed, and on a day when the roads were completely clear before the larger snowfall that is supposed to be headed our way Sunday night through next week.





4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I re-read the Harry Potter series this time last year and into January and February ahead of my trip to London. It was the first time I’ve read them all the way through since the last one came out, even though I’ve read them all many times over. It was so cool to see the whole story as one!

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    1. It’s fun to be reading it as a whole instead of singularly like I did when they all came out. What a fun reason to reread them all! Did you go on the Harry Potter studio tour while you were there?


  2. Yay for snow in December! Seems like the perfect time to get that started šŸ™‚ I’m reading HP for the first time. Currently on book 4, my end goal is to visit HP World in FL when I finish.


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