Christmas Wish List

Linking up with Sarah & Victoria for the next few days!

My husband and I each chose one present for Christmas this year since we’ve had lots of fun adventures this year and have bought gifts along the way. We went to Alabama in May for Bryant & Nicole’s wedding, the beach for two weeks over the summer, Colorado in September, my first Alabama football game in early October, Germany at the end of October, and we’re going to Yellowstone at the turn of the new year with William’s parents. We’ve traveled a ton which has been so much fun and traveling and experiences are the best gifts because of all the memories made!

Before Germany, we bought new coats. It’s a coat I’ve wanted for years and love –the quilted riding jacket from L.L. Bean. For Thanksgiving, William bought me Cravings by Chrissy Teigen and birch beer from two different soda companies out of Pennsylvania since our local grocery store stopped carrying birch beer and its my favorite treat. He has truly spoiled me this year and has such a generous heart.

But, I thought it would still be fun to pull together some things I’ve had my eye on.

The first few items are what I’m hopeful may be birthday presents this year. I would love a nice pair of sunglasses, and I think these Ray-Bans would be perfect. I also love these tech gloves – ideally I’d like to find a leather pair to replace the ones that have gotten stained, but these ones from Amazon look so chic! I love this pom beanie from Love Your Melon and the intent behind the brand.

The next group is from different Etsy shops. I love this tray to use for breakfast in bed, or if I want to have a surface to write or play sodoku on in bed. This whimsical clock reminds me of Cogsworth and would be so fun to have in a guest room or family room. These last two pieces are hand-drawn watercolors of a wedding or family picture and of our home. I love the whimsical feel of these and the memories they represent.

The gift I did choose is a new comforter from L.L. Bean – I’m so excited for it! I also love these other pieces from L.L. Bean. Last year I received these slippers in red and they’re still incredibly cozy! Next year, when its time for a new pair, I think I want the “natural” colored ones. This blanket looks so cozy and would be perfect for snuggling on the couch with William, a good book, a cup of coffee and Mavis Jane’s head in my lap.

As you may know, I am a life-long Pittsburgh Steelers fan! My parents both grew up just outside of Pittsburgh and my grandmothers still live there. We were taught to love all Pittsburgh sports teams from a very young age, so I had to share some Pittsburgh picks! These are all either from the NFL Shop or Steel City.

The next set is a bit miscellaneous.  One of coworkers has a salt lamp in her office and I love it – I also like that they’re supposed to help purify the air. I have a deep love of Polish pottery and would love to add a cream & sugar set and a water pitcher to our growing collection.


In all seriousness though, this list is excessive, but has pieces that I know I will continue to want for years to come, so it serves as a good point of reference to have these things gathered.


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