Christmas Gift Guide


I love a good Christmas gift guide! I thought I would share some ideas for close family members in a variety of life stages.

For any nieces or nephews, or just close friends’ kids, we love to give books. Right now the kids we give books to are both two, so these are some of the books we’ve given either last Christmas, for their birthdays, or for this upcoming Christmas.

My brother is in college, so I thought these would be some good college-aged or recent graduate gifts. As they begin moving into apartments some great appliances are crockpots, rice cookers and indoor grills. I also love the idea of a wireless speaker (we use ours all the time) for backyard parties, tailgating or just hanging out in your room.

My sister is recently engaged(!), William’s brother got married in May, and his sister is celebrating two years of marriage this month, so we have lots of newly-weds or soon-to-be weds in our family and these are a few ideas for those people. These would also be fun gifts for grandparents or parents too! I love personalized ornaments or home decor, a nice outdoor mat, different signs with sentimental sayings to the couple, fun candles or special pieces like Polish Pottery.

I love thinking of fun ideas for my husband, and these are some things I’ve given him throughout our time together or that he owns and loves. A hat rack made of old golf club heads, the best & coziest slippers, an LL Bean Field Jacket, and a canvas briefcase.

We can’t forget our four-legged family members, so these are some gifts Mavis Jane has received either last year or throughout the year. A new collar, a raised food & water station, a mat to go under their food bowls, new toys or treats, a Barkbox subscription, or a fun new doormat for your backdoor. And of course you can never go wrong with a new bed at Christmas – that’s what my family dog growing up always got from Santa!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide

    1. I love giving books! If I’m ever at a loss for something new to give, I go back to the classics my siblings & I loved as kids.


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