Favorite Winter Nail Polish? 

Big Apple Red by OPI is the most perfect classic Christmas red!

Favorite Winter lip product? 

I love Smith’s rosebud salve; it is super hydrating and helps heal cracked lips much faster than my other lip balms due.

Most worn Winter clothing piece? 

My L.L. Bean winter coat William bought for me last Christmas, my duck boots and I’m almost always in a sweater!

Most worn Winter accessory?

This winter its the scarf my mama made for me! I love how long and warm it is!

Favorite winter scent/candle? 

I love scents that smell warm like mahogany, bergamont, cinnamon, apples, etc.

Favorite Winter beverage? 

I love the chestnut praline latte from Starbucks, and a chai latte is always classic too!

All time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie? 

White Christmas and The Holiday.

Favorite Christmas/Holiday song? 

White Christmas, Mary, Did You Know, and O, Holy Night.

Favorite Holiday food/treat? 

I love our newlywed tradition of pad thai on Christmas Eve!

What is your favorite Christmas Decoration this year? 

I love our new tree topper!

What’s at the top of your Christmas list? 

The comforter William bought me! I love snuggly, warm blankets!

What are your plans for the holidays this year?

We’re having a low-key day at home! William’s parents come in on the 29th and are staying through the 6th, so we’re going to explore Yellowstone and enjoy some quality time together, but we’re all planning for low-key time trying new recipes and watching lots of football!


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