Celebrating the Christmas Season


Today’s prompt is about we keep the real meaning of Christmas in our celebrations.

I have a few things I do to keep the reason for the season ever present.

I love putting up our nativity each year. The symbolism of this decoration is so deep & holy and centers my heart for why we’re celebrating. We leave ours up through the Feast of the Epiphany since that is when we celebrate the wise men’s arrival and deliverance of gifts to the baby Jesus.

I am working through the She Reads Truth Advent devotional. Each year their devotionals are so good, and I love the community they’ve built. This is my third or fourth year doing this devotional during this season. Their other studies are great too, but the Advent ones are always special.

I love watching Nester every year. I was introduced to the sweet claymation movie by a former boss when we planned a family movie night for our coworkers and their families, and it’s just the sweeest little story. Nester is a long eared donkey that is ridiculed by the other stable animals, but is special because she is chosen to carry the pregnant Mary to Bethlehem for Christ’s birth. If you’ve never seen this one, you need to.

These are just three simple activities I do this time of year to keep the reason why we celebrate centered in my heart and mind. I look forward to reading through how others keep Christ’s birth central in their own celebration of the Advent season through the linkup.


6 thoughts on “Celebrating the Christmas Season

  1. I have that nativity! I just need the back drop piece but I love it! And I will have to look up Nester because that sounds so cute!


    1. Its been my very favorite nativity for years! I grew up with my mama having it, and when we got married my Grammy sent me hers! The stable was a gift last Christmas from my MIL.

      Definitely do – it’s adorable!


  2. I have loved following along with a daily devotional that leads to the birth….this year and last have been the first years I have done that and it has truly brought more peace to my season. Merry Christmas!

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