My Favorite Christmas Stories

I am linking up with Lauren and Kendra for a few days of their 12 Days of Blogging.

Obviously my favorite Christmas story is THE Christmas story. I love the angel appearing to Mary. I love her time with her cousin & how John the Baptist lept with joy in his mother’s womb. I love how the wise men traveled from afar to pay homage to the prophesied king. I love that the first people told of His birth were shepherds, and the symbolism of Christ the perfect lamb. I really, truly love the story of Christmas.

I also love the story of St. Nicholas and visiting the Basilica di San Nicola when we were in Bari was an incredible experience. Who knew that the majority of relics from this Turkish saint were in an Italian city on the Adriatic Sea? The beneficence of his ministry is why we have that same practice of gift giving this time of year, in addition to the gifts of the wise men.

My personal favorite story from this time of year is more just a simple memory. In seventh grade I was in our church choir and would occasionally also play oboe during church services. On Christmas Eve during the prelude before mass, I was playing piano for the background music as people entered. The last song of the prelude before the choir came up and I joined them was O Holy Night and while I played my dad sang. I love that moment we shared together and that song is one of my favorites to this day.

As far as favorite Christmas books, my favorites are The Night Before Christmas and Polar Express. Two classics.

What are your favorite Christmas stories?


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