Christmas Movie Favorites


I am linking up with Lauren and Kendra for a few days of their 12 Days of Blogging.

Who doesn’t love Christmas movies? They are just so happy & make you feel so full of Christmas cheer! I have my favorites below.

White Christmas – this is the most classic Christmas movie for me. I love the music, I love the cast, I love the story of old friends doing something nice for a man they revere. It’s just so perfectly Christmas.

The Holiday – such a sweet story about finding healing & love in unlikely places. The cast is perfect, the storyline adorable, and the English cottage may be my dream to live in.

Elf – we love quoting this movie year round. It’s just so funny. We can watch it over & over and still laugh & enjoy it. 

The Santa Clause – confession… I just realized this year that Clause was spelled with an E because of the contract element of the movie! Duh, Sarah! Regardless, I love the magic of discovering Santa & the joy he brings through Scott’s transformation into Santa & the unwavering belief of Charlie. The second movie is adorable too, but the third one leaves a lot to be desired I think.

A Charlie Brown Christmas – every Charlie Brown holiday movie is a classic!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – the best of the claymation Christmas movies! 

Mrs. Santa Claus – Angela Lansbury is darling as Mrs. Claus in NYC in the nineteen teens. This was a fun made for TV movie of my childhood that I just love!

Eloise at Christmastime – Julie Andrews as Nanny is perfection. My mama and I love this movie and every Christmas Eve Eve I get excited just like Eloise!

Miracle on 34th Street – I know I’ve said this about many, but such a classic! My favorite is the 1994 version. I love the magic of Santa and love presented through this story.

Holiday Inn – Irving Berlin movies make my heart sing! I love that this movie is technically about the full year of holidays, but it’s also the origin for White Christmas!

What’re your favorite Christmas movies?


3 thoughts on “Christmas Movie Favorites

  1. We have similar tastes in Christmas movies. The Holiday is just a favorite year round! I want to swap homes with Iris during Christmas too! Elf is my go to for a hearty laugh šŸ™‚ Never gets old to me!

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