Christmas Music Favorites


I am linking up with Lauren and Kendra for a few days of their 12 Days of Blogging.

There is something that’s just so happy about Christmas music! I love hearing Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin sing my favorite classics year after year. I love listening to the Christmas albums of Alabama, Trisha Yearwood, Clint Black and Garth Brooks that were always in my parents’ cars when I was growing up. I love listening to *NSYNC and Michael Buble in my own car and remembering the year my sister got the *NSYNC Christmas CD from Santa and how we listened to it on repeat for weeks – well into the new year! It’s all just so jolly!

In college I used to start the Christmas music the morning after Halloween, but now I restrain myself until the first snow or the week of Thanksgiving… whichever happens first. And when that first snow comes in October, we’ll then Christmas music just starts early that year!

It’s a challenge to choose just a few favorite songs, but I thought I’d share my ten favorites. Some of these it doesn’t matter the artist, I just love the song, and some it’s the artist and the song that I love.

  1. White Christmas (Bing Crosby) – Is there anything more magical than fresh snow on Christmas? 
  2. Mary, Did You Know? – The lyrics to this song are SO good and make me realize the immensity of the Gospel and my faith.
  3. My Grownup Christmas List (Amy Grant) – In a world with so much hurt, this song is a good reality check of what’s really important this time of year.
  4. O Holy Night – I shared the special memory I have with this song & my dad last week, but it’s also one of the prettiest Christmas songs too!
  5. Thistlehair the Christmas Bear (Alabama) – If you’ve never heard this song, go to do it! It’s just a fun, sweet song about a bear who spreads the reason why we celebrate Christmas to the boys & girls of his town. Adorable!
  6. Walk Through Bethlehem (Trisha Yearwood) – Trisha Yearwood was my absolute favorite as a kid! This song from her Christmas album always makes me happy.
  7. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (*NSYNC) – If you are anywhere close to my age, this song probably takes you back to December sleepovers and school winter dances or to watching I’ll Be Home For Christmas with Jessica Biel and Jonathan Taylor Thomas. It’s also such a happy, cheery song that you can’t help but dance!
  8. Go Tell It On the Mountain – We always sing this song as the exit song on Christmas and if they don’t, my feelings get a bit crushed. It’s the most joyful way to end mass on Christmas!  If the choir chooses a different song for some reason, then I sing it on the way home because it’s how Christmas should be celebrated in my mind.
  9. Ave Maria – As a Catholic, there is no more beautiful song this time of year than Ave Maria done well.
  10. Mele Kalikimaka – Forgive me if I butchered the spelling! We went to Hawaii in December 2006 and had the best time, and this song is such a fun, happy song to remember that everywhere and everyone celebrates Christmas a little differently and they’re all beautiful and special.

It’s such a challenge to choose just ten, but these would be them! What are your favorite Christmas songs?


4 thoughts on “Christmas Music Favorites

  1. Oh, I love all of these songs! I love Ave Maria! It is a beautiful song and it always takes my breathe away when I hear it. I give you props I couldn’t choose 10 so I made a playlist of 20. There are so many greta Christmas songs!

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  2. Ave Maria makes me cry because of West Wing and it was haunting at my Grandfather’s funeral. It’s just beautiful though. I love the Neil Diamond Christmas album because my parents always listened to it when I was growing up… the music in our church was so beautiful on Christmas Eve… my favorite was Oh Come all Ye Faithful.


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