What’s Up Wednesday

What we’re eating this week // William made London broil and potato salad Monday night, last night we had leftover meatloaf. Tonight we’re grabbing Chinese food from this takeaway place close to our house. I think William is making butternut squash curry tomorrow night and Friday we’re going to try making butternut squash gnocchi. Saturday is Pad Thai and Sunday we’ll have homemade cinnamon rolls for brunch, and I’m not 100% sure what we’re going to do for supper.

What I’m reminiscing about // How magical Christmas was growing up and different fun memories. One of my favorite adult Christmas memories before William and I were married is when my family volunteered with NORAD and worked as Santa’s team answering phone calls and responding to emails about where he was in his journey around the world.

What I’m loving // Everything about this time of year and the coziness and warmth it brings.

What we’ve been up to // December has been pretty low key. We’ve both made it through finals week at the university, his grades have been posted and he is now on winter break before his new courses begin in January. While faculty have begun their weeks of relaxation, staff is still working until the 23, so we’ve been enjoying our evenings and weekend together trying new recipes and hanging out at home.

What I’m working on // I just completed my very first knitting project, William’s scarf, so I’d love to get more yarn to make  another one.

What I’m excited about // Going to Yellowstone with my in-laws & William for the first few days of 2017! It will be beautiful and I’m excited for the time with them!

What I’m watching // Christmas movies!

What I’m reading // No More Faking Fine by Esther Fleece (blog post coming soon!) and rereading the Harry Potter series (these never get old!).

What I’m listening to // Christmas music!

What I’m wearing // I’ve been loving skinny jeans and oversized sweaters or leggings and dresses like I seem to every year when cold weather moves in to stay.

What I’m doing this weekend // Celebrating Christmas with William & Mavis! Saturday we’ll make our pad thai, go to 6:00 mass, drive around to look at lights and come home for Christmas snuggles with Mavis while we watch a Christmas movie. Sunday morning we’ll wake up, open gifts, eat homemade cinnamon rolls and enjoy just being home with each other for the day while calling all of our family around the country to talk with parents, siblings, grandparents and extended family that are with the grandparents for the day and of course, we’ll watch Pittsburgh play! #HereWeGo

What I’m looking forward to next month // Starting the month in Yellowstone, students & faculty returning to campus, watching the National Championship football game and making plans for 2017.

Bonus question this month: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY OF 2016?

My favorite memory is most definitely our trip to Berlin – we fell hard for that city and the country of Germany and look forward to the opportunity to visit Deutschland again!



5 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. So fun to learn more about you!! I LOVE that you and your hubby cook together! My husband is not a big fan of cooking, but he does make a mean brunch! πŸ˜‰ So we enjoy cooking breakfasts together…or I just let him cook breakfast for me. πŸ˜‰


  2. We had london broil this week too, yum! I need to make that more often! So fun that you volunteered for Norad! My sister is 9 years younger than me, and I remember her checking his progress when she was little!


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