Favorite Way to Spend a Cold Day

Happy second day of winter! Here in Idaho, winter seemed to roar its way in at the beginning of the month & yesterday evening more snow fell & covered our town.
Our family loves this time of year and playing together in our backyard. Mavis is crazy about snow, as is my husband, and it’s just fun to all play together and enjoy such a simple pleasure like snow.

I’m not a big downhill skier, but I do enjoy going once or twice a season. I do really enjoy snowshoeing though – such a pretty way to see the world covered in her blanket of white!

On a cold winter’s day, I love sitting by the fire with a hot drink (coffee, tea, cocoa… I love them all!) and cuddling with my family under cozy blankets to either read or watch a fun movie or show. I also love baking or cooking comfort foods on these chilly days – chili, cornbread, meatloaf, pot pie… foods that are warm & stick to your ribs a bit always hit the spot when the temperature drops so low.

One of my favorite sights on these winter days is the way the sun sparkles off the snow – it is always gorgeous! I love even more when the temperature is just right for their to be a layer of frost over the snow on the trees… the way those trees seem to dance & shine is breathtaking!

My ideal winter day consists of sleeping in until about 6:30, making a hot cup of coffee to enjoy by the fire while reading blogs, then getting dressed to go shovel snow with William. After shoveling, we’d come in and shower for the day and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa to warm up after the cold. We would then read for a bit before choosing a family movie to enjoy. That afternoon we’d be in the kitchen working towards making dinner – I’d help get all the food prepped and he’d cook it… maybe one of his delicious curry recipes? Then we’d get the kitchen cleaned up and head outside to play with Mavis in the backyard – we all love bouncing and leaping around in the snow. If this was a day with enough snow and warmer temperatures, maybe we would have gone snowshoeing earlier to explore a different part of town and the many trails around us instead of a family movie. Either way the day would be full of family, relaxation, good food, hot drinks & enjoying the beautiful snow.

What do you love about winter?


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