Companion to the Old Testament

Through Book Look Bloggers, I had the opportunity to read and review Companion to the Old Testament: For the Interpreter Within Each of Us by Ted Leach.


I enjoyed seeing how he wove the intersection of the three monotheistic religions together in each faith’s shared beliefs.  Its always helpful to begin conversations from a place of mutual understanding, and I feel this book helps illustrate the common ground of three major global religions that have sometimes had a strong animosity towards one another.

While the author strives to share the common ground of these three faiths, he is an evangelical Christian, and therefore obviously shares his story from that perspective. I found the book well written and easy to read, though there wasn’t anything that was groundbreaking that Ted revealed.

I think this book is a good way to begin looking at the Old Testament from a more global perspective and to make some tougher parts of scripture make more sense for individuals who tend to stick to the New Testament. This book is a good introduction to studying the Bible from a more intellectual perspective, but I think there are many faults in his writing too. There are holes in his historical and archaeological understanding of the times he is writing about and has a clear faith bias in the information selected to share.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book as I enjoy combining my love of history with my own understanding of my Catholic faith and the histories of all faith perspectives around the world. Just know, that there are many flaws in the book as well.

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