Friday Favorites

Good Morning & Happy Friday!

I hope your 2017 is off to a great start. Ours began with adventures in West Yellowstone with my husband and his parents from Alabama. It was awesome to hear their reactions to snow – something I take for granted or can become “over” so quickly brought them so much joy and fun, that it reinvigorated my love for snow too. I’m sure the fact that Yellowstone is STUNNING in the winter didn’t hurt either 😉

My favorites today are short & sweet.

First, spending time with my sweet in-laws over the last week. We celebrated New Year’s Eve by watching Alabama play Washington & Clemson play Ohio State. Both games went the way we wanted and we’re looking forward to the National Championship game on Monday. Mavis got an Alabama jersey for Christmas from Sweetie & Sir, so it was fun to have her dressed up for the game too.

Second was spending two full days enjoying snow coach tours of West Yellowstone earlier this week. I’ll have a full post up about our trip next week, but I am head over heels for Yellowstone in the snow. I’ve always given Yellowstone a hard time because Glacier & Grand Tetons are so close and I’ve always found them more beautiful, but the snow. The snow! I had the best time in Yellowstone in the winter & think that’s the best time to visit having now experienced it!

Lastly, I love that The Bachelor is back! I have been watching this show on and off since the early seasons. In college we would always pile into the date room and watch the show together picking out our favorites and predicting what the dates would be. In Colorado, we would have weekly girls’ nights watching the show & eating dinner together, bonding over the relationship advice we would offer each girl or guy seeking the heart of the bachelor or Bachelorette. Now, all of my Colorado girls are spread across the country and we text our thoughts to each other and I have to say, this year we all seem to have them same favorite three early, and have all predicted the same three to be the final three, so we’ll see! I love that even though life has taken each of us in different directions, we still have fun bonding together through texting while watching such a silly show!

What are your favorites this week?

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. School resumes Monday, so we’re just going to watch the game at home curled up on our couch!
      ROLL TIDE! ❤🏈🐘
      My husband is a three-time, third generation graduate of Alabama, so it runs deep in their blood! When we first moved to Alabama in 1997, I was asked “who do you go for?” & picked Alabama – I’ve never looked back! 😉


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