Winter in Yellowstone 

Hello! I’m glad to be back writing in this space after some time away over the holidays.

December 29 my in-laws came out for a week to celebrate the New Year and experience the winter wonderland of Yellowstone! It was such a generous Christmas present to treat us to such an awe-inspiring and beautiful adventure to begin 2017!

We spent two full days in the park and three nights in West Yellowstone in the sweetest little cabin.

The two days in Yellowstone were spent on snow coach tours with two great guides! Day one we went to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and saw so many little waterfalls along the way and such fun wildlife! The best sighting this day was a pack of wolves in the distance enjoying a meal they’d brought down a few days prior – SO cool! We also saw many bison herds, lots of swans, a river otter, a bald eagle, a bull elk, and a coyote.

So many bison! They look so much healthier in the winter.
My favorite adventure partner!
The park seriously felt like Narnia.
Sunset on the Madison River.

The second day we went out to Old Faithful and the Artist Paint Pots. We also saw some beautiful wildlife and much of the same types of wildlife as the day prior, including a couple of female elk hanging out in the middle of the river. The only animals from the day before we did not see again were the wolves.

The Paint Pots were so many gorgeous colors like this bright blue.
I loved watching William take such fun pictures on our trip and experiencing a new national park together. We’d both been previously, but never together.


The Paint Pots had bison tracks all around them where you could tell they were seeking warmth. That yellow bus in the background was our snow coach.


This coyote was just walking down the road like he owned the park or something. 😉

It was an amazing couple days in our first National Park and gave me a deeper love for this particular park. I’ve always said that I prefer Glacier and the Grand Tetons to Yellowstone. Maybe that’s because of the crowds I’ve experienced in the summer peak season. Maybe it’s because Glacier is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Maybe it’s because the Teton mountains don’t look real or because the Grand Tetons hold such a special place in William and I’s relationship. Whatever the reasoning was, I am now head over heels in love with Yellowstone.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express my thanks to my in laws for such an amazing experience!

2 thoughts on “Winter in Yellowstone 

  1. I can’t get over that beauty. It doesn’t even look real, honestly! I’ve never been anywhere with that amount of snow (or foliage tbh), so it’s hard to even imagine… but it looks so peaceful and beautiful. That cabin is adorable, too!! I would say that we should follow your example, but I’m concerned that we wouldn’t even know how to drive in that kind of winter!!


    1. You should totally plan to visit Yellowstone in the winter anyways! The snow coach picked us up at the hotel right beside the cabins and there is a shuttle from the airport in SLC that will take you to West Yellowstone!


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