Things I’ve Been Loving

watching // We binged three season of TURN over the weekend – I was so upset when we ran out of episodes, but am looking forward to the fourth and final season this spring. We’ve also been watching the Sherlock, which we all know my husband loves, and its been great too. Other weekly shows we watch are Kevin Can Wait, Life in Pieces, The Big Bang Theory, NCIS: New Orleans and Elementary. I’ve been excited that The Bachelor is back too.
planning // How to work room by room to prepare for easier packing come May, and what can be packed up now to make our home more appealing to buyers.
wanting // A mustard yellow beanie & yellow tech finger gloves.
loving // Tea when I get home from work in the evening, our cozy blankets from Costco and my new Tervis.
reading // I just finished Courage to Soar last night and am currently reading No More Faking Fine.
missing // My in-laws! It was so nice having them here for a week,
feeling // Tired. This time of year always makes me feel tired and sleepy – its dark for so much of the day, generally really cold, and the energy just feels a bit slower.
wearing // Some cute new tops and dresses I picked up during December from my sister-in-law’s online boutique and other classic favorites, like oversized sweaters and leggings.
eating // We ate so much rich food over the holidays, that we’re trying to eat less sugar and more whole, unprocessed foods. So we’ve been on a butternut squash kick and have used it for tacos, pad thai, soups, stews, etc.
drinking // Water (lots of water!), black coffee brewed with cinnamon, sleepytime tea and chai tea.
listening // The Hamilton mix tape and Ed Sheeran’s latest releases.

Looking [forward to] // Getting back into a rythhm with work, housework and daily life in the new semester. Two weeks off, plus the post-Christmas slow down always seem to take me a week or two to get back to my normal.


4 thoughts on “Things I’ve Been Loving

  1. Remind me where you are moving in May… I feel like you mentioned it (I want to say Washington?) but I can’t remember! Either way, so exciting!! Minus the packing bit… I always have the best of intentions for that… and fail. My mom’s trick is to buy colored tape and label the outside corner of boxes for a particular room… that way, when you get to your new place, you can put all the boxes of a particular color in one place and know exactly where to go… but… I’ve never been that organized. LOL


    1. That’s a great tip! Organizing now makes it all easier when the time comes. When we would move growing up my mom would unpack our house in the first 48 hours to make it feel like home. I hope I can do the same!

      We’re headed to western New York near Buffalo. I’ll have a whole post coming about the move and why and other new things soon!


  2. Okay, I definitely missed a big post because I didn’t realize you were moving! Also, Michael is for some reason obsessed with the idea of moving to Buffalo, though we probably won’t ever leave the west coast unless somehow one of us lands a dream job somewhere!

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    1. I’ve mentioned it in passing, but haven’t really discussed it. I will be soon though! Has he ever been to Buffalo or is he just enamored from a far?


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