We’re Moving!

So, now that it has been announced to both of our current employers, I thought I would share our news officially here as well.


Come summer, we are moving to the greater Buffalo area!

William accepted a job at a university in the area, and so we will be saying goodbye to Idaho and the Rocky Mountain West and head back east of the Mississippi.

I have family in Pittsburgh, southern New Jersey and Michigan, so it will be nice to be close to them – especially my grandmothers in Pittsburgh! William’s family is all in Alabama, so they’ll be closer too, and it will be easier to fly to Colorado to see my family instead of having to drive through Wyoming.

My best friend lives in New York City as does one of my cousins, so it will be amazing to be so much closer to them too! Plus, William and I got engaged in New York City, so it will be nice to be able visit more frequently.

We’re also both into history and travel, so being able to drive to so many major cities will be such a fun opportunity for us to spend time in Boston, Toronto, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., etc. It will be fun to visit Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, especially in the autumn! And to be close enough to catch my favorite professional sports teams in action! I’ve been a big Steelers, Penguins and Pirates fan all my life, and William has adopted the Bills and Sabers as his team upon accepting the job, so that will be fun!

We are both so excited by this opportunity and are looking forward to the move, but we still will need to sell our home before we move and I will need to find a job – so please pray for us as we move towards this exciting time and if you know of any opportunities in the area send them my way!



If you’ve ever visited or lived in that area, we’d love to hear about what you love there! Restaurants, neighborhoods, hiking trails, festivals, etc.


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