Friday Favorites


I don’t know that I’ve been so thankful for a Friday in a while… this week has been hard. Work has been frustrating and causing me to become very tired on top of the normal exhaustion from returning to the real world after a few weeks off.

I loved this week’s episode of Fixer Upper! That elderly couple was precious and it made me teary to see the “In Memory of…” at the end of the episode.


I have been putting cinnamon in with my coffee grounds every morning this week before brewing my daily pot and I forgot how much I loved the extra layer of flavor it gives.

I’ve been using my olive eyeliner all week and I’ve decided it’s my favorite color I own – it looks soft, but my eyes still pop. My mama would always use olive or purple, and she was on to something.

I’ve been enjoying wearing some of my new pieces from Girl Meets Game Day, my sister-in-law’s boutique. They’ve been comfortable, cute and perfect for getting back into the working world. I’ve been wearing the dresses with leggings and I wore the elephant top with blue jeans for a more casual day.

So, I haven’t been watching The Bachelor, but I have been listening to my favorite Bachelor related podcast, Here to Make Friends and I love these girl’s take on the show. They have discussions like my friends and I do and generally have a guest on each show that was a former contestant on a previous season, or once this season goes further, from this season on too. Its entertaining and fun, and this year is probably my favorite yet.

Earlier this week I finished Courage to Soar and have been reading Strengths Based Marriage, a relational understanding of my Strengths Finder assessment and Beginning French by Les Americains. I received both books for review; Strengths Based Marriage from Book Look Bloggers and Beginning French through Net Galley. So far, they’re both interesting and engaging.

I also love that today is Friday the thirteenth! William & I got engaged on Friday, February 13, 2015 and so I’ve found myself looking forward to every Friday the thirteenth since!

What have you been loving this week?


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