Watching Lately

Anne of In Residence does these watching lately posts every month that I love that I decided would be a fun thing to start doing over here as well!

Period: Victoria! I know it just premiered on Sunday and I’ve only watched a couple minutes of it so far, but I know I’m going to love it! I also loved The Crown, which was the last period piece we watched.

Drama: Sherlock. I hate that the series is so short, and we aren’t caught up yet, but it is so good!

Reality: We just finished The Great Holiday Baking Show and loved it, though William says they’re all too nice. I love that its formatted after The Great British Baking Show from the U.K., that the food always looks and sounds amazing and that the contests genuinely seem like nice people, as do the judges. It’s just happy, wholesome entertainment. We also are enjoying the new season of Fixer Upper and loving that the kids have had a bigger role in the episodes thus far; seeing their family dynamic is fun!

Comedy: Last Man Standing has been our Netflix show of choice lately. I love that the show is set in Colorado and that Mike Baxter reminds me so much of my dad. Its made us both laugh out loud a couple times. I don’t like the youngest daughter though; her character was wonderful season one, but ever since then has just come across as very mean.

What are you watching lately?

2 thoughts on “Watching Lately

    1. I’ve heard great things about OA – its on our ever-growing Netflix list!

      I watched the pilot of This Is Us, but not any more than that. I may try to catch up over the summer before season two or wait until the series wraps and watch it all at once in a few years.


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