Favorite Youtube Channels

Good Morning and Happy Monday! I’m a little bummed I won’t get to see the Steelers play for ring 7 this year, but it will be fun to cheer for the Falcons come Super Bowl Sunday!

Today I thought I would share my favorite Youtube channels. This changes all the time as content that interests me changes and the content providers change how they deliver content.

One channel I have watched since college and still love is FleurdeForce. I like that we’re the same age and at similar life stages. I love the glimpses she provides into her home life and her adorable dogs. I like the advice she offers regarding makeup, skincare and lifestyle products and still feel like the content she provides is relevant to my life all these years later.

A channel I’ve found more recently is Becca Bristow. She is a dietician and I found her channel when I was looking to better understand what my sister was going through applying for dietetic internships. Becca is around the same age as my sister and they’re both interested in similar things, so I find that connection fun. Plus, Becca offers great advice on healthier eating and does fun videos that compare different brands of the same product so you can see which is the best option.

I am not an educator, but love watching a couple different teacher channels on YouTube. One of those that I love is The Lettered Classroom. Bridget is an elementary teacher who moved this summer from Alabama to eastern Pennsylvania and from teaching kindergarten to teaching fourth grade. I find her energy and enthusiasm for her job contagious and love seeing how she is motivating her students to become readers.

Too Cool for Middle School is another educator channel I love. She is a middle school English teacher who has a passion for history, theater and music. She is a new mom who also moved to a new school this year and offers fun book recommendations of nonfiction history that she’s enjoyed, which is what I gravitate towards reading too.

Rachel Talbot is another YouTuber I have watched for years. I love her direction towards DIYs for the home, easy recipes and the fun peeks into life with her chef husband and busy toddler.

Fly With Stella is a more recent find, but I think she is so fun! She’s a flight attendant and does videos in the different cities she travels too. Her fiance lives in Germany and I think her vlogs in Germany are my favorite!

I also recently stumbled upon Dominique Sachse‘s channel. She is a television news anchor and just breathes positivity. She has fun hair tutorials and makeup ideas and I love her lifestyle videos.

The last YouTuber I’m loving lately is Brianna. She is a lifestyle vlogger who is a mom of a toddler son and pregnant with their daughter. She has fun videos about party planning, being a parent, cleaning routines (which are always motivating to clean my own house!) and other daily life occurrences. She feels like a friend you’re catching up with over coffee and I really enjoy her style too.

Do you have any YouTube channels you love?

2 thoughts on “Favorite Youtube Channels

  1. I’m not really into YouTube, but I do love TED talks. You’ve got to watch Geoffrey Canada’s Enough is a Enough and Shawn Achor’s The Happy Secret to Better Work. Those two are my favorites these days.

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