Snow Day

Friends, there is nothing more glorious than a snow day. I still feel the same joy I felt as a kid when I get a delay or snow day. Living in Colorado snow delays and snow days were much more common than they are in Idaho, but we had a full snow day today and it was glorious! Not only did the university close, as did the school district, but so did the city for all nonessential personnel. The whole city got a snow day! 

Why did everyone get a snow day? Well, we had over 8.6″ of snow in under 24 hours and the wind was crazy causing near white out conditions. Last night the university closed early and cancelled night classes and made the call to close for today around midnight. It was so nice being able to sleep in on a Tuesday! Not great for my husband who has to rearrange his classes a bit, but I want free to have a day to do whatever.

So, today I watched Victoria, cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed our two bathrooms, enjoyed a bath, shoveled snow with William (so much snow!), and spent some time enjoying the time off.

Last week I shared my sick day essentials, so I thought it would be fun to share my snow day essentials today!

A good book. On a snow day there is something so satisfying about curling up with a good book and letting yourself get lost in the story.

A cozy blanket. When reading your book, I’ve found its best to do so wrapped in a cozy blanket.

Leggings. Most snow days are spent reading or cleaning or doing something around the house and you want to be comfy. I’ve found leggings are perfect because when it’s time to go shovel, they tuck easily into snow boots!

Slippers. My feet are always so cold, so having some cozy slippers to wear around all day makes me feel extra cozy.

Hot cocoa. I normally prefer coffee or tea to cocoa, but snow days call for cocoa. It’s what we would enjoy as kids after playing outside or coming in from shoveling, and so while I don’t have homemade cocoa like my mom always did, cocoa is a must on a snow day!

A fire. I love sitting beside the fire while watching the snow fall outside and enjoying a mid-morning cup of coffee. It’s so soothing!

A face mask. Pampering my skin is a favorite hobby of mine, and a refreshing face mask on a slower moving day always feels special!

A bubble bath. There is nothing I find quite so relaxing as a hot bath on a cold day. Snow days scream for a bath as life is moving at a slower pace.

Lotion. I have very dry skin, so anytime I get the opportunity to slather on extra lotion, I take it! Snow days are perfect for deep moisturizing.

Obviously this list doesn’t include the outdoor gear needed to go outside and engage with the snow, so for that I recommend a good winter coat, a hat or headband to cover your ears, a scarf, warm gloves & a good pair of snow boots. I also recommend a sturdy snow shovel & some melting salt to help clear your driveway and sidewalk.

What are your snow day essentials?


2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. 8’6″?!?! That’s SO. MUCH. SNOW. Your snow days sound absolutely perfect…. leggings and all. I’ve got a pair of fleece-lined leggings that I just live in these days.


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