What’s Up Wednesday


Good Morning & Happy Wednesday! With yesterday’s snow day I can’t quite decide if today feels like Monday or Thursday, but I’m all sorts of off balance with where in the week we are!

What we’re eating this week //

Monday we did a grab whatever’s in the fridge night because I wasn’t very hungry and we had some leftovers that needed to be eaten.

Tuesday William made a Thai curry inspired noodle dish. We didn’t have all of the ingredients on hand for pad thai, nor for his typical curry, so he just combined what we had and made something new. I thought it turned out well & the leftovers are what we’re having for lunch today.

Tonight I’m just grabbing something quick from the deli bar at our grocery store because William teaches a night class on Wednesdays, so something quick and easy tends to be our Wednesday go-to.

Thursday we’re having chicken cobb salad.

Friday we’re having some kind of chicken and potatoes I think.

What I’m loving // I loved having a snow day yesterday and I am loving the ritual of painting my nails each Sunday.

What we’ve been up to // We’ve just been enjoying a relaxing month at home with each other and our sweet dog. We are both homebodies and I love that in the winter that seems to be encouraged!

What I’m working on // I am working on cleaning out our closets and getting the house ready to be staged for listing on the market.

What I’m watching // I’m really enjoying Victoria on PBS and we’ve started watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. HIMYM is a show we both enjoyed when it was on and we love finding comedies to binge together.

What I’m reading // I’m reading a book about Queen Victoria’s granddaughters that is really interesting.

What I’m listening to // I’m loving all my usual podcasts – The Popcast, Here to Make Friends, What Should I Read Next?, Smartest Person in the Room and The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. I have also recently been enjoying Presidential and Pod Save America.

What I’m wearing // I have been wearing a lot of dresses with leggings.

What I’m looking forward to next month // We’re going to a friend’s house for the Super Bowl which will be fun, we’ll be celebrating our engagement anniversary at home (02.13.15) and I’ll be turning 28 at the end of the month.



4 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. Michael and I rotate through a few comedies on Netflix that we watch before bed each night–I love it! I don’t think I knew your engagement anniversary was in February! Ours is the 8th (though it was 2013 because we had a looooong engagement). So funny our engagement-versaries are five days apart and our wedding anniversary is the same!!!


    1. What a crazy coincidence of dates Mattie!

      What are y’all’s favorite comedies on Netflix? We love finding new ones we didn’t know were on there.


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